Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney Narrowly Wins Critical Ohio Republican Primary

Mitt Romney on Tuesday night narrowly won Ohio’s primary, but the small margin of victory won't erase doubts about his campaign and could prolong the GOP race for a few more months.

But the former Massachusetts governor's loss in Tennessee means Romney hasn’t won a state yet in the deep South. He lost South Carolina in January and, while he won Florida’s primary, that state is not typically counted among the Southern bloc.

Romney has struggled with Tea Party supporters, very conservative voters and evangelical Christians — three groups that hold large sway over GOP primaries in many Southern states.

GOP strategist Ford O'Connell said that Romney is the only candidate who can win the delegates necessary to secure the nomination, but that he needs to show he can win in the South and grow his base. But, O'Connell noted, the Super Tuesday results had neither shown that nor helped Romney move toward a quick end to the nomination contest.

"The only way Team Obama would be happier tonight is if Romney lost Ohio," he said.

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