Strategists: Hill-Trump A Battle For Ages

Polls predict big victories in tonight’s crucial state primaries for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, making a general election battle between the two increasingly likely and handing the former secretary of state the biggest challenge of her political career, political watchdogs say.

In order for Clinton to beat Trump, she must throw out old playbooks and find a new way to command the political discourse and expand the electoral map to her advantage, experts said.

“People have been far underestimating (Trump’s) electability,” sad GOP strategist Ford O’Connell. “He is a unique political animal who has the ability to change his tone and his rhetoric.”

But the campaign that has propelled Trump to the lead in the Republican race won’t easily translate to the general election.

“[Trump] has to hold on to white, working-class voters,” O’Connell said. “Hillary lost the working-class voter in Michigan to Bernie Sanders — who, by the way has a same position on trade as Trump.”

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