States Delaying 2012 Presidential Primaries To Save Money

Looking for cuts wherever they can find them, legislators in several states are considering delaying their presidential primaries or holding party-run caucuses instead to potentially save millions of dollars.

States traditionally have battled over scheduling their primaries early in the election cycle to attract more visits from presidential candidates and to garner national media attention. But heading into 2012, some states are acknowledging that they won’t have the early influence of New Hampshire or Iowa and would rather try to save some money.

In all, lawmakers in at least 10 states and the District of Columbia have proposed delaying or canceling their presidential primaries in 2012, with some — though not all — saying they’re doing so to save money. Those moves come as other states, including Florida and South Carolina, continue pushing for the earliest possible primary dates, while trying to avoid running afoul of Republican and Democratic national committee rules.

Several other states, including Massachusetts and Washington, are considering canceling their 2012 presidential primaries outright and holding party-run caucuses instead.

Without a clear presidential front-runner, it appears that the 2012 GOP presidential nominating process could last for several months. So keep an eye on how this situation plays out, because it could create an unfair advantage for a couple of the 2012 GOP presidential contenders.

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