Source: Joe Lieberman Unlikely To Seek Reelection; Creates GOP Pickup

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman — deeply unpopular with voters in his home state — is unlikely to seek reelection, a knowledgeable source tells POLITICO ahead of the senator’s announcement on Wednesday.

The four-term senator’s decision comes after months of speculation on the political future of the independent Democrat.

“After many thoughtful conversations with family and friends over the last several months, Sen. Lieberman made a decision about his future over the holidays which he plans to announce on Wednesday,” said Erika Masonhall, a Lieberman spokeswoman who declined to comment further.

Lieberman is scheduled to speak at 12:30 p.m. at the Marriott Hotel in Stamford, Conn. Last month, he told MSNBC that if he ran, it would probably be as an independent.

Lieberman’s announcement comes on the heels of Tuesday’s declaration by Susan Bysiewicz, the former Connecticut secretary of state, that she plans to enter the 2012 Democratic primary field for Lieberman’s Senate seat. Rep. Chris Murphy also has expressed interest in the Democratic primary.

A Lieberman aide insisted that the decision had already been made and the Wednesday announcement has been in the works for several weeks.

Lieberman won a fourth term in 2006 despite losing the Democratic primary to a millionaire antiwar activist, Ned Lamont. After his primary loss, he collected signatures to get on the general election ballot as a third-party candidate and defeated Lamont in a three-way race.

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