Snowe Senate Retirement: A Kick In The Pants To GOP

Sen. Olympia Snowe's retirement is a real problem for the GOP as it looks to gain control of the Congress' upper chamber in November. Politico's Manu Raju has more:

[Angus] King — the independent who is roiling the political landscape in his quest for the Maine Senate seat — is trying to project himself as an insurgent candidate: one who is prepared to stick it to leaders in Washington and someone whose post-election decision on which side of the aisle to join could determine control of the Senate.

“I represent a threat,” King, a former two-term governor who had retired from politics until last month, told POLITICO. “If it can happen in Maine, it can happen in other places. And they need to start looking toward the middle, instead of always toward the right or the left.”

But King’s candidacy — and the potential that he may win in November — cannot be taken lightly by either party. With the very possible scenario that control of the Senate could come down to just one seat, King’s decision on which party to formally caucus with could determine whether it’s McConnell or Reid ruling the chamber for the next two years. Despite pressure from both sides, King says he won’t make that decision before November, believing that would undercut the independent message of his campaign.

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