Should Christie Step Down As Head of GOP Governors?

The most immediate effect of the new allegation on Gov. Christie could be his leadership of the Republican Governors Association, according to a Monmouth University pollster.

“The big question in this is whether it makes other Republicans question his effectiveness as chair of the RGA, Patrick Murray told The Star-Ledger Friday

Christie has had mixed support for his RGA chairmanship as the burgeoning bridge-gate scandal unfolded.

But a new allegation from a former Port Authority official who claims the governor knew about the George Washington Bridge lanes' closure while it was occurring, and has the evidence to prove it, could be lethal, Murray said.

As RGA chairman, Christie plans to tour the country raising money and campaigning for several of the 22 Republican governors up for re-election. 

At the same time, the barnstorming could provide him a platform to promote himself while gathering potential allies and donors for a White House bid.

"Everyone is worried," Republican strategist Ford O'Connell told Reuters in mid-January. 
"But the donors are going to take a wait-and-see approach. They're not cutting off the spigot yet."

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