Should Chris Christie Run For President?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would surely make a fine president if elected. But a successful run through the thorny gauntlet of the GOP nominating process requires an unquestioned commitment.

It takes serious preparation, buy-in from your family, excellent messaging in an ever-changing 24/7-news cycle, a tremendous amount of travel and a solid fundraising operation just to be competitive. And then there’s the friendly fire from your fellow candidates who stand ready to elevate every statement and decision you’ve ever made into a gotcha moment that leaves you cross-wise with a key segment of the primary electorate.

It appears that the major driving force behind the Christie for president talk is dissatisfaction with the current crop of GOP presidential frontrunners. At this stage, a good number of Republican primary voters just don’t feel that they can trust former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Similarly, a large segment of Republicans aren’t convinced that Texas Governor Rick Perry will be able to get his act together from a debating and messaging standpoint.

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