Santorum Could Haunt Romney In The General Election

From John McCormick and Lisa Lerer at Bloomberg:

Santorum’s shadow will loom over Romney as the former Massachusetts governor focuses on selecting a running mate and turns his attention to rallying the evangelical Christians and anti-tax Tea Party voters who fueled his rival’s insurgent campaign. Those voters -- typically the Republican Party’s most active supporters -- will be crucial to his showing in November’s general election.

“There’s some hard feelings among conservatives,” said Richard Viguerie, a Republican strategist who has been advising Santorum. Such attitudes, he said, stem from the millions of dollars Romney’s campaign and its allies spent on advertising to “crush” Santorum in the race.

“He’s got a mountain to climb,” Viguerie said of Romney.

Although Santorum may not be a strong contender for the vice presidential slot -- in part because of hostile campaign exchanges between the two in recent months -- Romney could come under pressure to choose someone who, like his rival, appeals to voters motivated by their opposition to abortion rights, gay marriage and other social issues.

“That would please conservatives,” said Viguerie.

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