Rubio Not Interested in V.P.

Newly elected Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, whose meteoric rise has made him a star in Republican circles, said Monday that he isn’t interested in being the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential nominee.

“Are you at least open to the possibility?” Panama City Radio host Burnie Thompson asked Rubio Monday, referring to a vice presidential run.

“No, I’m not,” Rubio responded, after laughing at the question.

Rubio’s name has been bandied about quite a bit as a potential 2012 running mate. In addition to being a new and young face, Rubio’s heritage could help the GOP among the growing Hispanic population that has largely backed Democrats in recent cycles.

The Republican on Monday went on to say he is fully dedicated to his work as a senator.

“I want to be a U.S. Senator because I believe I can make a difference from that position,” he said. “It’s flattering sometimes, but that’s about it.”

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