RSLC To Put An Emphasis On Recruiting More Hispanics And Women To Run For Office

Smart move by the RSLC. Republicans need to make greater inroads with Hispanics or else the party risks being irrelevant on large portions of the electoral map.

The Republican State Leadership Committee launched a nationwide effort this week to recruit Hispanic and female candidates to run as Republicans, a push that GOP strategists say is vital to remaining relevant as voter demographics shift in coming election cycles.

The Future Majorities Project, led by Republican strategist and former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie, is setting a goal to recruit at least 100 Hispanic candidates for office on a state and federal level. The group is also partnering with the College Republican National Committee to beef up the party’s ranks among young people and plan to spend at least $3 million on the initiative.

“The 2010 Census confirmed what many of us already knew, which is that the demographics of America are changing,” Gillespie said. “And any political party that fails to recognize that is going to find themselves consigned to minority status in the not-too-distance future.”

The American Hispanic population increased by 15 million from 2000-2010, and now accounts for more than 17 percent of the overall U.S. population, according to last year’s census data.

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