Romney Woos Hispanics Over Economy

Mitt Romney is using Hispanics’ double-digit unemployment rate to argue that the key voting bloc should support him instead of President Obama.

Romney badly trails Obama with Hispanic voters and must close the gap to win key swing states such as Nevada, Colorado and Florida, where Hispanics make up a sizable share of the voting-age population.

While hampered by his conservative position on immigration, Romney believes he can make up ground with a focus on jobs and the economy, a message that seemed to help him close the gender gap with Obama. 

Speaking at an office-supply business owned by two Mexican-American businessmen Tuesday in Fort Worth, Texas, Romney argued the struggling economy was disproportionately affecting Hispanic workers.

GOP strategist Ford O’Connell said Romney’s attacks on Obama’s economic record were a good strategy to “sully” the president for Hispanic voters.

“The jobs report provides an opening, but it’s a question how far Romney and the GOP are willing to go to bring Hispanics into the fold,” he said. “Talking about jobs, economy and family values is a good start, but if you want to win over Hispanics you have to make some legislative offerings.”

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