Romney Wants Santorum Out Before Pennsylvania

From NBC's FirstRead:

Romney expressed his desire for the GOP primary season to come to an end -- ASAP. "I hope that we're able to resolve our nomination process as soon as possible,” he said. And this is now Romney’s immediate challenge: How does he convince Rick Santorum to get out, preferably before the April 24 Pennsylvania primary? Consider: If Santorum remains in the race, and if Romney wants to win Pennsylvania, Team Romney is going to have to go negative (as we saw in Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin), and that will only drive up Romney’s own negatives, as well as make it harder to unify the party for the general. But if the Romney campaign doesn’t go negative, it’s very possible to see how Santorum ends up winning in Pennsylvania -- and possibly some of the later contests in May (North Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Texas). And for Romney, having the inevitable nominee lose primary races is never a good thing. Given these two scenarios, convincing Santorum to get out now is probably their preferred. But how do they achieve that? By the way, Santorum is off the trail for the next FIVE days for the holidays.

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