Romney Turns Fire Onto Santorum

Mitt Romney redirected his campaign fire at Rick Santorum on Monday, in a sign he sees the former senator as a threat to his front-runner status.

Santorum is poised to do well in two out of the three GOP nominating contests on Tuesday. He has a narrow lead in the latest Minnesota poll and a solid chance of winning Missouri, where Newt Gingrich isn’t on the ballot and where Santorum has been campaigning more vigorously than any of his rivals.

The contests in those two states, along with Colorado, aren’t binding as to delegates awarded, but will still determine the momentum heading into the two-week lull before the next primaries take place at the end of February.

Romney has made Gingrich the focus of his ire in the three weeks since Gingrich thrashed the former Massachusetts governor in South Carolina. But after solidly defeating the former Speaker in Florida and Nevada and watching his volatile campaign flounder, Romney seems to no longer regard Gingrich as his most formidable foe.

“Santorum’s key is tomorrow, that’s really his big day,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell, who is unaligned in the race. “If Santorum can win in Missouri and Minnesota, that’ll expose Romney as being weak in the Midwest, and hurt him heading into Super Tuesday.”

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