Romney Scores Victory After Hilary Rosen Quip, But Do His Proposed Policies Help Stay-At-Home Moms?

Following Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen's now-infamous rant about Ann Romney never working "a day in her life", both the Obama and Romney campaigns have gone to great lengths to praise stay-at-home mothers.

But away from the microphones, TV cameras, rapid response press releases and Twittersphere, where do the candidates stand when it comes to supporting stay-at-home mothers with policy?

Mitt Romney emphatically backs Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's budget, which would slash funding to many social programs that help families and mothers -- particularly single mothers -- including Head Start, child care subsidies, Pell grants for college and a variety of health-care programs.

While Ryan's budget is quite popular among fiscal conservatives on, it's not the sort of spending blueprint that excites U.S. moms struggling to balance a household budget amidst skyrocketing gas prices and ballooning grocery bills, say some analysts.

Of course, not everyone agrees stay at home mothers would be disproportionately hurt under the Ryan bill.

"Stay at home moms are struggling, just like the rest of the middle class," Republican strategist Ford O'Connell argued. "Stay at home parents in general are hurting under Obama with rising gas prices, mounting national debt and high unemployment. It's going to be hard for the President to make the argument" that stay at home mothers are disproportionately affected under the Ryan budget.

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