Romney's Post-Debate Bounce Could Soon Fade: US experts

US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's recent bounce in the polls after his dominant performance at last week's first presidential debate may prove to be short lived, experts said.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday led the challenger by only a razor-thin 0.5 point margin, further narrowing the gap from the previous day's 1 point and the previous week's 3 points, according to Real Clear Politics' poll average.

Many pundits, politicos and experts believe Romney's gains stem from his strong showing in last Wednesday's nationally televised debates against Obama, as well as the president's weak performance in which critics said he seemed disinterested.

But the question remains whether the contender's post-debate bounce will last, as the Nov. 6 election day is still four weeks away.

But despite his recent surge ahead, Romney must continue to build on his victory, Republican strategist Ford O'Connell said.

This debate was a good start but Romney's got a long way to go, he said, adding that Romney must continue selling himself as a principled but practical candidate willing to work across party lines.

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