Romney's Missteps Could Cost Party The Senate, Strategists Say

Republicans believe Mitt Romney’s mistakes could prevent them from winning back the Senate.

Romney’s failure to close the gap with President Obama less than 50 days before the election, as well as a variety of high-profile gaffes, have raised concerns that the GOP nominee will strand candidates in close swing-states races.

GOP strategist Ford O’Connell agreed, warning that Romney’s remark could excite the Democratic base and hurt down-ticket Republicans.

“Republican Senate candidates in moderate-to-left-leaning states who need to keep the Democratic base pacified and still pull a sizable portion of independents in order to win could very well be hurt by this,” he said.

“These folks are predominantly running on their own brand and cannot afford to have the perceived negative aspects of the GOP label affixed to their candidacy. And if the Republican Party is to retake the Senate in 2012, their hopes rest largely on the success of many of these candidates,” he added.

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