Mitt Romney's Big Ohio Push

From NBC's FirstRead:

Speaking of Ohio, both Obama (in Columbus) and Romney (in Cuyahoga Falls with Christie) are holding rallies in the state. A big reason: Voter registration ends today in the state, so both sides are trying to expand their pool of voters. In fact, the New York Times writes that Romney is making a big push in Ohio over the next couple of days. “Ohio, whose 18 electoral votes are critical to Mr. Romney’s candidacy, has bedeviled him like no other battleground state. His prospects were so shaky two weeks ago that his advisers openly discussed the narrow path to winning the necessary 270 electoral votes without Ohio… But as the race for the White House takes on a new air of volatility after President Obama’s off-kilter debate performance last week … Mr. Romney is displaying new vigor in his fight for Ohio.” The biggest swing we saw in the Pew poll was Romney’s support in the Midwest, where he holds a 50%-44% lead over Obama among likely voters. Even a new poll out of Michigan shows Romney gaining ground on Obama (with the president up 48%-45% versus 47%-37% a month ago). Does that fade away in the days after the debate?

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