Romney Outraises Obama In May

Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised $76.8 million in May, outpacing President Obama and his Democratic allies in the first head-to-head month of the campaign.

The more than $16 million gap between the presidential hopefuls — Obama and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised a combined $60 million — had Republicans crowing Thursday that the haul was a sign of things to come and they had the Obama campaign on the defensive.

“We got beat,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina wrote in an email to supporters that included a plea for donations.

Obama’s team argued that Romney’s fundraising spike was an anomaly enabled by a fluke in campaign finance laws, but some saw it as the latest sign of bad news for the president. 

But the Obama campaign has struggled to land punches thus far, with attacks on Romney’s record at Bain Capital stumbling out of the gate.

“They have not found a message that sticks, whether it’s Bain being undermined by Bill Clinton or the Massachusetts record, which isn’t working because of the jobs report — they can’t find a message that works,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell. “The one thing the Romney guys are good at — they might not be great at offensive messaging, but they are great on playing defense.”

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