Romney: Only GOP Campaign Built To Win 1144 Delegates?

From Rick Klein at ABC News:

[Super Tuesday] is a week when organization matters — and when Romney’s campaign juggernaut starts to flex its considerable muscle.

The net result is that even Romney’s nightmare scenario — a loss in Ohio to Santorum and getting swept by Gingrich and Santorum in the Southern Super Tuesday states of Georgia, Tennessee, and Oklahoma — would likely still see him walk away with the most delegates.

Layer on that the proportional delegate allocation system in most states and it becomes clear that Santorum and Gingrich simply can’t catch up fast enough to erase Romney’s lead. The non-Romney candidates may have persuasive arguments, but they can’t win by losing.

Romney may not surpass the magic number of 1,144 delegates until May or June. But the point is no other candidate is positioned to even come close to that threshold before Romney does.

A win in Ohio, while not critical, would put more pressure on Romney’s rivals to exit gracefully, as the trend lines become clear.

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