Romney Moves To Center, Shows New Ease On Campaign Trail

Mitt Romney has taken a more centrist stance on the campaign trail recently, a move that coincides with the GOP nominee giving speeches that are more personal in nature and showing a new-found confidence to voters.

The move to the middle has had a twofold effect for Romney: first, it puts President Obama on his heels by thwarting planned attack lines designed to make Romney's policies look unreasonable and far-right, and second, it gives the Republican nominee more leash than he had during the GOP primary, where questioning conservative dogma could have proven fatal to Romney's campaign.

And it’s a message that has appeal to independent and swing voters who could decide the election.

But Romney is also returning to the campaign identity that helped him win the governor’s office in heavily-Democratic Massachusetts. 

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell says Romney is now finding traction by presenting himself as “principled, but practical and willing to work across party lines.”

“He’s trying to address the middle by giving a little bit of wiggle room on things that are seen as conservative issues,” O’Connell said. “Conservatives want to see Barack Obama out. And as such, they’re going to give him the leeway to throw the kitchen sink at the president as long as he doesn’t give the farm away."

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