Romney Looks To Carpet Bomb Pennsylvania

Romney is looking for a kill shot on Santorum in Pennsylvania. NationalJournal's Reid Wilson reports:

Mitt Romney spent last week trying to lower expectations in Pennsylvania while boosting the pressure on Rick Santorum. But actions speak louder than words, and it's clear Romney's advisors see the Keystone State as their opportunity to end Santorum's chances. Late Friday, the Boston team went for the jugular.

All told, Romney's campaign will spend $2.9 million on advertisements in Pennsyvlania over the next two weeks, according to That's more than Romney has spent in any primary state to date, save Florida -- more than they spent in Iowa, New Hampshire, even South Carolina.

That money gets them saturation-level buys in every major Pennsylvania market except one: Santorum's home base of Pittsburgh. At a time when Santorum and his supportive super PAC aren't on the air at all, the average Pennsylvanian in those markets will see Romney's ads more than 10 times a week.

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