Romney Intensifies Swing-State Campaign Schedule, Attacks On Obama

Mitt Romney shifted his campaign strategy this week, intensifying his swing-state schedule and hammering President Obama with his own campaign slogans.

The GOP presidential nominee needs to turn the page from recent stumbles as the campaign season heads into October, a month that features either a presidential or vice presidential debate every week. Furthermore, Romney is primed to take advantage of obligations that will keep Obama largely away from the swing states.

Republican strategists agree that Romney needs to find a new way to connect with swing voters. Although his campaign has been marked by missteps in recent weeks, the polls remain relatively close and internal polls show a surprising number of voters remain persuadable.

"He's got to relentlessly barnstorm and put shoe leather on the ground," said Republican strategist Ford O'Connell. "Part of that is getting on the local affiliate news, which for many voters is the only couple of minutes a day they'll spend gathering information."

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