Romney Fundraising Goal: $800 Million

From Holly Bailey at ABC News:

Mitt Romney's campaign estimates it will raise at least $800 million in its quest to defeat President Obama this fall, according to a fundraising memo circulated among top supporters.

The memo, obtained by the New York Times' Nick Confessore, says the campaign hopes to raise $500 million in high dollar donations for the campaign and for the joint fundraising account it has set up with the Republican National Committee. Romney aides hope to bring in another $300 million from small donors—an area where the former Massachusetts governor has lagged during the GOP primary.

In addition to the $800 million raised directly by the campaign, the memo estimates super PACs supporting Romney's candidacy will raise at least another $200 million to support his general election bid—bringing the GOP's overall fundraising target to at least $1 billion to defeat Obama.

That's on par with what Obama's campaign has estimated it plans to spend in the 2012 election.

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