Romney's Image Damaged For General?

The 2012 GOP primary has taken a toll on Mitt Romney's image (some of it self-inflicted, some of it not). If (and when) Mitt Romney secures the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, Team Romney is going to have to work hard to rehabilitate his favorables for the general election if President Obama is to be defeated. First Read has more:

The primary season has taken a toll on Romney, too. In January’s NBC/WSJ poll, Romney’s fav/unfav score stood at 31%/36% (and 22%/42% among indies), which as we noted then wasn’t good. But in this latest survey, it’s even worse, 28%/39% (and 22%/38% among indies). In fact, Romney’s image right now is worse than almost all other recent candidates who went on to win their party’s presidential nomination: Obama was 51%/28% and McCain was 47%/27%, per the March 2008 NBC/WSJ poll; Kerry was 42%/30% at this point in ’04; George W. Bush was 43%/32% in 2000; and Bob Dole was 35%/39%. The one exception: Bill Clinton, in April 1992, was 32%/43%. That means that if Romney becomes the GOP nominee, he has a LONG WAY to go to rehabilitate his image.

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