Romney Can Look To The Past To Get Through Campaign Rough Patch

Now that the dark clouds have begun forming over GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign just 48 days ahead of the election, political experts say there are historically proven keys to making a comeback from all the campaigns they've been through that he should be taking note of.

Political obituaries have been premature before--they struck Bill Clinton during his primary, as well as his wife in hers. Same with John McCain in 2008 and Rick Santorum this primary cycle. George H.W. Bush was written off both during his primary and the general election in 1988 before successfully winning the White House.

"The [Romney] campaign is a little bit like a car that hasn't been able to stay between the white lines. They've veered off into the ditch a little bit," says Ford O'Connell, a Republican political strategist who worked on the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008. "But there is still time."

O'Connell says that for both McCain and Hillary Clinton in 2008, who appeared to be losers heading into the New Hampshire primary, surprise successes were fueled by striking the right themes with voters after a bit of struggling.

Clinton and McCain "did one thing in common--they found the right narrative, they owned it, and then they didn't take the foot off the gas," he says. "What really has to be troubling for the Romney campaign is that they haven't found a message to break through to the battleground state voters, particularly in Ohio and Virginia. That is their biggest problem."

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