Romney Struggles To Win Republican Enthusiasm

Mitt Romney could be the presidential candidate with it all — money, organization, experience — except the thing he wants most.

The love and enthusiasm of his fellow Republicans.

Romney, the button-down establishment man, has never inspired the passion that drives many political campaigns, and those on the party’s right wing question the sincerity of his conservative views.

While his rivals in the Republican race yo-yo up and down in the polls, Romney glides along near the top of the pack. As candidates with more political sex appeal fade, Romney is in a strong position to be the last man standing.

Without enthusiasm from supporters during a long campaign, however, money and organization might not be enough.

“He has a superior advantage in organization and fund-raising, but a lot of people just don’t trust him,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell. “A lot of people feel like they just don’t know him.”

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