Rock the Vote Calls Florida Law A "New Wave Of Attack"

Rock the Vote, along with other non-partisan organizations including the League of Women Voters Florida and the Florida Public Interest Research Group, is challenging a Florida law they say places onerous and confusing restrictions on voter registration efforts, with the effect of hindering voting in the state.

The bill, HB 1355, passed last April, but a constitutional challenge is being heard by a Florida court.

Ford O’Connell, chairman at Civic Forum PAC and Republican campaign strategist, said that given Florida’s pivotal role as a swing state in presidential elections, the measures are simply meant to curb abuses, even relatively innocent ones like out-of-state students voting in Florida. “Florida wants to make sure that Florida citizens actually vote in Florida elections,” he said. “Even one misplaced vote still undermines the institution of democracy, no matter what the intent.”

The common criticism of voting restrictions is that they use the idea of securing the electoral process as a cover to keep certain types of voters, largely Democratic ones, from being able to vote.

O’Connell doesn’t buy it. “You can always read into it an intent to tip things one way or the other,” he said, “but I don’t think that was in the legislators’ minds.”

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