RNC Budget Cutting Could Hinder November Gains

Given the heightened importance of 2010, with the short-term opportunity to shift the balance of power in Congress for the next two years and the even longer-lasting opportunity to shape the redistricting efforts in 2011 by increasing GOP control at the state level, it was extremely disheartening to read a recent New York magazine article entitled “Taking Politics Private.”

In this piece, longtime GOP stalwart Ben Ginsberg posits that the GOP could fall short in 2010 because the RNC is not “developing an [adequate] ground game,” “pumping [enough] money into the congressional campaign committees to put more seats in play,” and dedicating the right amount of resources to redistricting.

If the RNC were to dedicate a sizeable portion of its resources to developing a strong ground game and work to put more congressional seats in play, these actions would positively bolster GOP redistricting efforts.

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