Rivals Pile On Trump As Super Tuesday Nearing

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are doubling down on their attacks on Donald Trump, slamming everything from the brash billionaire’s business record to his spray tan, and analysts say it might be their only hope of toppling the front-runner as Super Tuesday nears.

“They’re being motivated at this moment by desperation,” said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell, “because time is running out in the voting window.”

The attacks escalated yesterday after the gloves came off during Thursday’s GOP debate in South Carolina, when the two senators piled on insults with a new fervor, blasting the failed “Trump University” and accusing the business mogul of employing people living here illegally. 

O’Connell said, abandoning the policy attacks and instead focusing on the linchpin of Trump’s campaign: his worth as a savvy businessman.

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