Rick Perry 2016: What 5 Leading Pundits Say About GOP Presidential Hopeful

A potential Rick Perry 2016 presidential campaign is already on the ground, running, and in the lead — at least if you count the number of trips he's made to Iowa since his last attempt at the oval office in 2012.

According to the Washington Times and other media sources, the Rick Perry 2016 campaign for president has been planting seeds since his failed run at the nation's highest office. The probable Republican candidate and governor of Texas has already made eight trips and attended 33 events in the Iowa testing ground since the 2012 election.

An indictment this year that charges Perry with abusing his power against Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, who was caught drunk driving, and reviews of his 2012 campaign are giving political commentators plenty to talk about.

Here are what leading pundits have to say about a Rick Perry 2016 run for president:

Ford O’Connell: "He has something no other candidate in the field would have — an impressive record as executive of one of the nation’s largest states. About 30 percent of all the jobs produced in the nation during his time as governor were produced in his state. The criticisms of his record-breaking 14 years as governor basically amount to: He is not a liberal and refuses to pursue liberal policies. Those criticisms will only help him in a GOP primary season."

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