Rick Perry’s Presidential Bid Could Threaten Mitt Romney’s And Michele Bachmann’s Top Tier Positions

If Texas Governor Rick Perry can choose his words more wisely while continuing to focus on jobs and the economy, Mitt Romney’s and Michele Bachmann’s positions in the top tier of the presidential field could be threatened. Fox News’ Judson Berger weighs in:

Perry’s bid threatens to peel off conservative support from Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who before Perry was the unrivaled Tea Party firebrand of the race. At the same time, Perry presents a stiff challenge to the more moderate Mitt Romney – like Romney, Perry is a governor who’s talking an awful lot about jobs.

If Perry can control his quicksilver tongue, he has an opportunity to blaze a trail between the two, picking up Bachmann’s tiny-government, social conservative followers as well as the business-oriented crowd that so far has gravitated to Romney.

GOP pollster Adam Geller said Perry will eat into Bachmann’s base automatically by virtue of his reputation as a family-values fighter, so he should concentrate going forward on the economy to erode Romney’s.

“The question is, is he built to last?” Geller said.


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