Republicans Must Make Inroads With Hispanics In 2012

Couldn't agree more. From Matt Mackowiak at the Austin American-Statesman:

For the Republican Party's future, there is no greater strategic imperative than improving its performance with Hispanic voters for this election and for the foreseeable future.

Can Republicans win Hispanics in 2012?

They have no choice but to try — and they are. There is some room for hope.

According to a McClatchy report, "a majority of Hispanics 51 percent in the nation, 54 percent in Florida say it's harder to open businesses now than it was four years ago. More than half say the country is on the wrong track. More than eight in 10 Hispanics are concerned with the federal government's debt, and 54 percent nationally 57 percent in Florida want to see less government spending."

The key takeaway appears to be that Hispanic voters are predisposed to vote Democratic but are not thrilled with doing so. If Republicans can make a solid argument, focused on the economy and opportunity, they have an excellent chance to persuade Hispanic voters.

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