Republicans Lead In Polls As Clock Winds Down To U.S. Midterm Elections

Republicans appear to be in the lead as the clock winds down to Tuesday's U.S. midterm Congressional elections, with polls and experts pointing to a strong possibility of a Republican Senate takeover.

Monday's Real Clear Politics average had the Republican Party (GOP) ahead by two points, the New York Times' LEO model tagged the likelihood of Republicans retaking the Senate at 70 percent, and the Washington Post's Election Lab model gave the GOP a whopping 97 percent chance. Many experts also gave the lead to the GOP.

Republicans have a historical advantage known in political science parlance as the "six year itch" -- a tendency for the electorate to turn against the party in power during the second half of a president's second term.

"The question is not if the Republicans will take the Senate, but by how much," Republican strategist Ford O'Connell told Xinhua.

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