Republicans Hope Obamacare Complications Will Flip Key States

Republicans are weaponizing Obamacare’s latest struggles in the final days of the 2016 campaign, hoping outsize rate hikes and dwindling choices will tilt the balance in key states even if only a small percentage of voters actually use the program.

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump argues battleground states will be hit particularly hard — if not now, then certainly later — by the law’s wobbly economics.

It’s become a key part of his stump speech, even if recent polling suggests voters are picking Mr. Trump or Democratic rival Hillary Clinton based on issues like the economy, foreign policy and the candidates themselves, as questions about Mr. Trump’s temperament and Mrs. Clinton’s emails continue to dog the campaigns.

Whether the news sways many voters at this point is hard to gauge, but it can’t hurt Mr. Trump’s efforts to consolidate the Republican base, said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell.

“Some Republicans might not like Trump,” he said, “but they all feel the same way about Obamacare.”

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