Republicans Contend Trump's Debate Heat Will Fire Up The Base

President Trump was widely criticized for being too aggressive, even unpresidential, in his first debate performance Tuesday night, but Republicans think his showing will resonate with the base.

“If you like Trump, and I understand not everybody does, you saw a lot of what you liked last night,” said a Washington, D.C.-based Republican operative.

Even if Trump did not win over new voters, these Republicans say he might have maintained his enthusiasm edge. Trump supporters saw the president hammer Democratic challenger Joe Biden, and while the former vice president was sharper than his doddering image, he was frequently equivocal in defending policy proposals that are popular among liberals.

“No question, this was a fiery debate with multiple dust-ups,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell. “While Biden was light on policy specifics and at times refused to answer questions while resorting to name-calling, what’s clear is that from the economy and jobs to the Green New Deal to the violence in the Democrat-run cities, Biden’s positions are really no different from those of Bernie Sanders and the far left of the Democrat Party, despite his linguistic somersaults.”

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