Republicans Look To Pick-Up At Least One State Senate Seat In Final Round Of Wisconsin Recalls

Wisconsin Republicans want to pad their slim state Senate lead in the final round of recalls later today. The Washington Post’s Rachel Weiner explains what is at stake in the Badger State.

Right now, Republicans have a 17-to-16 majority in the state Senate, thanks to the Democratic victories in last Tuesday’s recalls, when six Republicans faced challenges and two lost.

A GOP victory tomorrow would futher discourage Democrats and labor in the Badger State. Democrats had hoped to take control of the upper chamber and fell one win short.

Of the remaining two Democrats facing recalls, [Jim] Holperin is by far the more vulnerable. His district went 57 percent for Walker in 2010, and only 53 percent for President Obama in 2008. Obama performed better in every other state senate district held by a Democrat — and in seven held by Republicans. Holperin faces Kim Simac on Tuesday, a local tea party activist.

The other state senator targeted for recall tomorrow, Bob Wirch, is statistically safer; his district went 53 percent for Walker and 57 percent for Obama in 2008. He also faces a political newcomer —Jonathan Steitz, a corporate lawyer who works in Chicago. Spending here suggests the race is not nearly as heavily contested.


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