Republican Groups Show Little Interest In Gillespie’s Senate Run In Virginia

Republicans have closed gaps in Senate races across the country, but Virginia — a swing state where the GOP should be more competitive — has proved to be the exception, with longtime party operative Ed Gillespie failing to make headway against freshman Sen. Mark R. Warner.

Republican operatives insist they have the right candidate and that the margin will close in the coming months in an environment favorable for the GOP, but outside groups have shown scant interest in backing Mr. Gillespie, who is being outspent, is still largely unknown by voters and has yet to really dent the popular Mr. Warner.

“I’m the tortoise. Three yards and a cloud of dust,” Mr. Gillespie said, chuckling. “I know where this race is in my gut. I know how vulnerable Senator Warner has become. And his record — I know that my policies resonate with the voters, and I just feel like the next 10 weeks or so are going to be very, very good.”

Election analysts agree there should be an opportunity for a Republican to make the race competitive.

“There is no way the way President Obama’s numbers are it’s a 20-point race, but the Warner campaign is doing a good job making sure nobody is paying attention to this race,” GOP strategist Ford O’Connell said.

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