Republican Governors Race For Reelection

While most eyes are fixed on whether Republicans will capture a Senate majority tonight, many of 2014’s closest elections may take place in gubernatorial races across the country. Eleven incumbent governors are engaged in close-fought races separated by four points or less.

Some of its stars, including Walker and Brownback, are on the ropes, but GOP candidates have had unexpected success in some traditionally blue states, including Obama’s Illinois. But tying Democratic candidates to President Obama is not easy to do in a governor’s race, which has made it difficult for Republican gubernatorial candidates to capitalize on the anti-incumbent mood in this year’s election. 

“Charlie Baker is very likely to win in Massachusetts,” GOP strategist Ford O’Connell tells National Review Online. Frank Luntz, a veteran Republican pollster, says the race may be a bellwether for close gubernatorial contests across the region, and he’ll be watching Massachusetts for an indication of how Republican candidates are likely to fare in Connecticut and Maine. O’Connell adds: “The races in Connecticut and Maine are going to be two of the closest races in the country.”

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