Republican-Controlled U.S. Senate Could Put New Pressure On White House Over Foreign Policy

 U.S. Republican Party (GOP) took the Senate Tuesday in a landslide victory, and while the shift may not spark a foreign policy overhaul, the now GOP-led Congress will pressure the White House over Iran, military cuts and terrorism, experts said.

The GOP win will spark a reshuffling of a number of Senate committees, with Republican Senator Bob Corker widely expected to take the helm of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. At the same time, GOP Senator and 2008 White House contender John McCain will step up to head the Senate Arms Services Committee and pressure the White House over Iran's nuclear program.

While Tehran says its program is peaceful, Washington says the program is aimed at generating nuclear weapons, and Republicans have blasted President Barack Obama for his administration's desire to ease sanctions on Iran during negotiations.

Republican strategist Ford O'Connell said the Senate could delay or try to reverse some of the military cuts scheduled to take place."Obviously this crew wants to pummel IS," he said of the GOP Senate leaders' stance toward the terrorists that are ravaging Iraq.

"What you are going to hear out of McCain and to some extent Corker is making sure the military is doing what it needs to do to contain or push back IS," he said.

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