Rep. Omar Is Rebuked By Her Own Party. But What Will The Consequences Be?

Lawmakers are expected to vote on a resolution introduced by House Democrats condemning anti-Semitism this week, in a public response to repeated comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Mo., regarding U.S. support for Israel.

The House already voted last month to condemn anti-Semitism in a Republican led effort after after Rep. Omar apologized for a tweet that suggested support for Israel is being bought by groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, according to The New York Times. Last week, she fanned the flames by stating that pro-Israel organizations are pushing “allegiance to a foreign country.” She has not apologized for her most recent statements and has instead defended them on Twitter.

House Democrats are introducing this new resolution after receiving a request for a response from the Anti-Defamation League, which argued such statements by Rep. Omar perpetuate harmful anti-Semitic stereotypes. Lawmakers are expected to vote on it Wednesday.

President Donald Trump has also weighed in on the firestorm, stating that it’s a “dark day for Israel.’

So far, Democrats haven't pursued more severe punishments that have been suggested including removing Rep. Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Republican strategist and political commentator Ford O’Connell said he doesn’t expect the votes on the resolution to accomplish much.

“When it comes to firmly worded statements, they are really worth the paper they are printed on,” said O’Connell. “Either she’s going to continue doing this or she’s not going to continue doing this." However, he predicted that Democrats "are going to have to continue playing defense when it comes to whatever she says next."

O’Connell said such controversies threaten the Democrat’s brand as they fight to regain the White House, especially as Israel has historically enjoyed bipartisan support.

“This is a real problem for the Democrats and they haven’t quite figured out how to get out of this box yet and they are hoping it doesn’t spread to the eventual 2020 nominee,” said O’Connell, who expects Republicans to use the controversy to make the case that some Democrat party members hold “radical views on Israel.”

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