Redistricting ‘Newbies’ May Complicate Process

An inexperienced crop of public officials are managing the intricate congressional redistricting process, which could open the door to more court challenges.

The Census Bureau has already released the reapportionment numbers for House seats and states are beginning the process of redrawing their congressional boundaries.

But the majority of officials tasked with making those calls are new to the process, according to Kimball Brace, president of Election Data Services, a bipartisan firm that specializes in Census data and redistricting for state and local governments.

Brace noted that only half the participants at the National Conference of State Legislatures’ redistricting seminar over the weekend at National Harbor, Md. had been through the process before.

“In a lot of states, you have a lot of newbies who are managing the process,” Brace said at a redistricting briefing Tuesday. “You’ll have people having to learn the hard way.

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