Re-Election Strategy: Obama To Tout Bin Laden Killing

Is politicizing the Bing Laden killing a sign of desperation for Team Obama? Only time will tell. Still, for all of the blame that President Obama continues to heap on former President George W. Bush, apparently the president seems to have forgotten that Bush's policies helped him catch Bin Laden. More from Peter Baker and Michael D. Shearer at The New York Times:

Presidents running for re-election typically boast of programs they created, people they helped or laws they signed. They talk about rising test scores or falling deficits or expanding job rolls. President Obama is increasingly taking the unusual route of bragging about how he killed a man.

Other presidents have boasted of their toughness, of course, notably Mr. Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, who campaigned for re-election in 2004 on a record of having deposed Saddam Hussein in Iraq, while his vice president, Dick Cheney, warned that electing John Kerry could lead to a terrorist attack. But few presidents have talked about the killing of an individual enemy in such an expansive way.

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