Rasmussen: More Americans Identify Themselves As Republicans Than As Democrats

The number of American Adults identifying themselves as Republicans fell for the second straight month in February. The number of Democrats fell as well.

Now, just 35.1% of Americans consider themselves to be Republicans. That’s down from 35.4% in January and 37.0% in December.

The number calling themselves Democrats fell to 34.3%. That’s down a bit from last month but up slightly from two months ago.

Two months ago, in December 2010, polling found the largest number of Republicans in the nation since December 2004 and the lowest number of Democrats ever recorded in Rasmussen Reports tracking since November 2002. While those extremes have not held, this is the fourth straight month that Rasmussen Reports polling has found more people identifying as Republicans than Democrats. Prior to November, that had never happened before.

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