Pundits: Mitt Romney Can Still Spin Way Out Of Woes

Mitt Romney’s struggle to deal with the “47 percent” problem has so far left his campaign — and fellow Republicans — flat-footed, but the GOP nominee could still use the tough talk to his advantage in battleground states with the right strategy, pundits told the Herald.

“It does certainly put them in an uncomfortable position, but that’s only if they continue to act as if this isn’t an obvious fact about the world,” said Dennis Hale, a political science professor at Boston College.

“It has come up occasionally in other contexts that it’s not healthy, the fact that just under half of the public pays no income taxes.”

Republican operative Ford O’Connell said there’s still time, but the window is closing: “They’re not making inroads to win Ohio and Virginia. They just have not found that compelling narrative.”

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