Presidential Election: How Celebrity Endorsements Affect Voters

First of all, if you believe the polls, the presidential race is supposed to be brutally tight right now. At least one respected pollster disagrees, predicting an Obama presidency for four more years. But in general, it's assumed that, if you care at all about who lives in the White House (and you should), getting out on Election Day is gonna be extra, super-duper crucial with sugar on top. For everybody.

In that vein, each side of the ticket needs to rally not only undecided voters but also their bases, the people who are solidly in one camp or another but may forget to cast a ballot on Nov. 6.

That includes young voters, the types who are, according to pollsters, more likely to vote for Obama. Just because so many of them are in the blue camp doesn't mean they're a lock—not if they don't vote. And that's why skin-tight ballot dresses and viral videos about zombies might actually make a real difference on Election Day.

"Viral videos tend to work for the youth vote, ages 18 to 29, because social media tends to have a greater impact on their everyday lives," political consultant Ford O'Connell tells me. "In President Obama's case this is a demographic he needs to show up in large numbers on Election Day, particularly in the battleground states."

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