President Obama's Game Of Electoral Risk: Support For Same-Sex Marriage

Clearly President Obama chose to drop this political bombshell now so that he could fire up his base. Many on the left flank had soured on his promises of "hope" and "change," particularly the gay community and the younger voters (18-29). The president is no dummy, but this decision comes with significant electoral risks. CBN News' David Brody has more:

[W]ith this move, he will have re-energized his left wing base. President Obama is no dummy. He knows he’s going to need to fire up ALL the troops to win a second term. Political experts can talk all they want about crucial independent voters but unless you have a base that will actually turn out it doesn’t mean squat. Mitt Romney might actually want to take a play from Obama’s playbook. What will he say or do to fire up the evangelical social conservative base that he so desperately needs to win?

 I’m not a campaign manager but President Obama’s decision to back same-sex marriage could cost him some states that he won in 2008 (North Carolina, Indiana, Virginia, Iowa, etc). Christians in these states who were on the fence but voted for him in 2008 may be a bit more reluctant this time around. I’m sure the Obama campaign has thought of many scenarios that get them to 270 without these states but the point is that Obama’s decision on same-sex marriage makes the electoral playing field looser.

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