Ford O'Connell Analyzes The 2012 GOP Presidential Field On German Radio

CivicForumPAC Chairman Ford O'Connell provided his thoughts on the 2012 Republican Presidential field to ARD's (German radio) Washington correspondent Anna Engelke.

Click here to listen to the interview at ARD

Click here to read the ARD's accompanying news article.

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O'Connell On German Radio Discussing Immigration Reform And The Importance Of Latino Voters In 2012

CivicForumPAC Chairman Ford O’Connell discusses the possibility of immigration reform leading up to the 2012 presidential election and the importance of Latino voters in 2012 with Anna Engelke, U.S. Correspondent for German Public Radio (ARD). The interview appeared on ARD affiliate WDR 5.

Web Audio Link: Ford O'Connell On German Radio

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Ford O'Connell On Swiss Radio Discussing 2012 Elections

CivicForumPAC Chairman Ford O'Connell discusses the 2012 Presidential elections with Peter Voegeli, US Correspondent for Swiss National Public Radio.

Political prognosticator Charlie Cook of The Cook Political Report and nationally syndicated columnist and political commentator Charles Krauthammer also took part in the interview.

Audio Link: Ford O'Connell on Swiss National Radio

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2012 Electoral Map Projection - February 2011 Update

The Political Quarterback offers an early analysis of the Electoral College landscape for 2012. Breaking down the numbers state by state, the successes of newly inaugurated Republican governors in several states will be key to the fortunes of the eventual GOP presidential nominee.

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The Political Quarterback Archives

Visit the archives for more commentary and analysis from The Political Quarterback:

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