PPP: Rick Perry Takes Lead In Iowa Caucus Race

If Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to win the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, a strong showing in the Iowa caucuses will be required. The latest survey (released 8/23/11) from Democratic firm Public Policy Polling indicates that Perry is in good shape in The Hawkeye State moving forward. As odd as it may seem to the mainstream media, Perry’s creationism and anti-global warming rhetoric appears to be resonating with the Iowa base.

Perry leads with 22% over Romney’s 19%, Bachmann’s 18%, Paul’s 16%, Herman Cain’s 7%, Newt Gingrich’s and Rick Santorum’s 5%, and  Jon Huntsman’s 3%.

If Sarah Palin jumps into the race, she would harm Bachmann and Paul but hardly makes  a dent in Romney’s or Perry’s support.  Perry would still lead with 21% over Romney’s 18%, Bachmann’s 15%, Paul’s 12%, and Palin’s 10%.

“All the momentum in the Republican race is on Rick Perry’s side now,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Michele Bachmann’s growing support over  the last two months has now stopped and Mitt Romney is actually losing voters in Iowa.”

PPP surveyed 317 usual Iowa Republican primary voters from August 19th to 21st. The margin of error for the survey is +/-5.5%


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