Poll In New Hampshire And Get Fined

Given New Hampshire's status as a 2012 presidential battleground state, this situation could cause polling results to be skewed. Read more at Campaigns & Elections:

To poll or not to poll in New Hampshire, that is the question for an increasing number of survey research firms this cycle. Given the state’s new push polling law, is it better for business to take work in the battleground state and risk getting hit with a fine, or is it best to boycott the state and pressure lawmakers to reform the statute?

It’s a Hamletesque dilemma for the polling industry, which has been rallying in recent weeks to force a change to New Hampshire’s law. In the past year, several firms have been slapped with hefty fines, and with more enforcement action in the works both sides are digging in.

“They used to send cease-and-desist letters and now they have moved to leveling fines and threatening people with bankruptcy,” says Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster who chairs the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC). “There are a number of firms that simply refuse to do work in New Hampshire because of this law.”

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Poll In New Hampshire And Get Fined - http://t.co/W61AzlWH #GOP
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