Perry Flat Tax Plan Wins Conservative Fans

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was widely praised by conservatives on Tuesday as he issued his flat tax plan, which he hopes will revive his struggling campaign for the White House.

The plan, which reduces corporate and income taxes to 20 percent, would “immediately add trillions of dollars in new wealth to the economy,” Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said, while of Americans for Tax Reform leader Grover Norquist called it “a great step forward.”

Perry outlined his proposal, which he calls Cut, Balance and Grow, in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed and later announced it at a news conference in Columbia, S.C. The plan is in direct contrast to those of his chief Republican rivals for the presidential nomination. It differs from businessman Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 by not including a national sales tax and from former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s 59-point plan, which calls for tax reductions but no flat tax.

Forbes, who ran for president on the GOP ticket in 1996 and 2000 with a flat tax as his main platform, is an adviser to Perry and helped draw up the plan. He called it a “win-win all around” because of its simplicity.

Other Republican strategists were equally enthusiastic about Perry’s plan. “Team Perry is drawing that bright line distinction not only between himself and Romney, but between himself and Cain,” said Ford O’Connell, an adviser to the John McCain/Sarah Palin ticket in 2008.

“This is about winning the anti-Romney voting block and getting them to come together around one candidate.”

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